10 ways to reduce your carbon footprint – How to save the environment

Everyone wants to help the environment and save the planted of which they call home. Something that should be natural to us has slowly been forgotten. The environment is now a second thought to the majority of the population. As a species, we need to reduce our carbon footprint.

Most people think their single carbon footprint will not change the rest of society. Thinking that their single impact will not change the course of humanity.

Today is the day you change that. Every person has an impact and when you bring together a nation. The impact will be huge. This is the reason why its all or nothing. We have everyone help out or not. One by one if humans start changing the way they interact with the environment and planet we live on, our human experience will start changing for the better.

How to save the environment

The first step to turn around the negative impact we have brought upon ourselves is to change our daily habits. Showcasing more than 10 ways to reduce your carbon footprint and save the environment. This article will feature different ways you can reduce your carbon footprint and begin rebuilding our home, planet earth.

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We will dive into three main environments and spaces on earth. 

  • Oceans: The oceans cover 71 percent of the Earth’s surface and it contains 97 percent of all the Earth’s water. The oceans contain 99 percent of the habitual living space on planet earth.
  • Land – Where our species, humans inhabit our earth. The land holds the key to the natural resources that we used to build this modern society. This includes the fossil fuels that ran the industrial revolution. Most importantly the water that provides life to all living things.
  • Atmosphere: The earths atmosphere holds one of the keys to our species survival, Oxygen. Without this we would not be here nor almost all life on earth for that matter.

These three environments and places make up our beloved home. There will be different ways you can help out each one and change your overall footprint for the better! Read the rest of the article to find out how you can help !

What is killing the Oceans  

  • Pollution: Plastic and garbage have started to become one of the most prevalent and harmful impacts humans have had on the environment and ocean.
  • Commercial Fishing: Fishing lines and nets have ripped up ocean floors and destroyed precious reefs and habitats. They take out massive amounts of not just fish but everything in their path when they drag their nets across the ocean floor.
  • Climate change: The rising temperature has begun to warm the oceans. Even the slightest change can destroy ecosystems. This is seen through the coral reef bleachings.

How you can help save the ocean

Environment Hero Method:

  • Go to your local beach to pick up plastic and garbage. This is an easy way to quickly make a really positive impact on your local environment. If enough people saw this and went out to do it, the impact would be massive (in a good way!)

Everyday Methods:

  • Stop polluting: Easy right? This goes for you and your friends if you see someone polluting say something! It could go a long way.
  • Stop drinking plastic water bottles: This is one of the worst pollution problems we face. More than 60 million plastic bottles end up in landfills and incinerators every day – a total of about 22 billion last year. 
  • Switch to reusable items: This includes switching to things like glass jars, containers, water bottles. If you have the ability, switching to renewable energy is always an eco-friendly decision.
  • Spread awareness (share this article with your friends and spread awareness, the only way to make a big impact is to gain awareness and start a cultural-wide movement)

How to save the environment

Environment Hero Method:

  • Go out around your house and pick up any plastic and trash. The plastic contaminates the ecosystems and birds and other animals might eat it.
  • If you’re feeling really helpful go along the side of roadways and pick up all the thrown away the garbage. Also, go around to nearby lakes and ponds to clean up any plastic floating along the banks. This can help slow down contamination and toxins going into the environment.
how to save the environment.

Everyday Methods:

  • Lower Power Consumption: Save power by shutting off appliances when not in use (turn off all lights when gone) . Switch to energy efficient appliances.
  • Switch to renewable resources: Switch to a form of renewable energy. The most common being solar or wind.
  • Use renewable materials (reusable water bottles, containers, metal straws, glass jars)
  • Natural transportation: Switch to a zero emission alternative. This could include bicycles, longboards, scooters, walking, and more.
  • Electric Vehicles: These emit zero carbon emissions when in use. They are the future of the automobile industry. This is one step in reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere and helping to slow down climate change.

How to save the air

Carbon emissions have become one of the leading factors against global warming. This has to be a target point to help slow down climate change and help our earth out.

What can be done to reduce carbon emissions?

  • Rideshare: If your commuting to work or somewhere far, look to see If you can catch a ride with someone. Lots of ride-sharing apps and places.
  • Ride your bike to work. This is a simple yet effective method to lower your carbon emissions.
  • Get an electric car. Teslas produce ZERO carbon emissions when in use. Electric cars are definitely changing the way we impact the environment.
  • Switch to organic foods.
  • Stop eating meat! Livestock – meat and dairy – is responsible for 14.5 percent of manmade global greenhouse gas emissions.

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