What does Climate Change Mean? What Climate Change Causes.

The term climate change refers to the rising of the earth’s surface temperature, and all the side effects that occur because of this. The side effects from the rising temperatures include – extreme weather, melting of the glaciers, flooding, rising sea levels, coral bleaching, and much more.

The consensus among the scientific community is climate change is mainly caused by human activities. This human activity results in changes in the climate which in turn cause major side effects. These effects are considered largely irreversible.

Are Climate Change and Global Warming the same?

The two terms “climate change” and “global warming” are used interchangeably but do they mean the same thing ?

According to scientists, Global Warming refers to the rising of the earth’s surface temperature.

Climate change, on the other hand, refers to the rising surface temperature on earth and all the side effects that follow.

climate change caused this. rhino in a drought looking for water , dehydrated.
Caught in a drought, dehydrated as the river dried up.

Climate change refers to the earth rising surface temperature, and all the side effects that follow. The original term was global warming – which only meant the rising of earth surface temperature. But in recent times the scientific community has changed the term to climate change.

This better represents the impacts the warming of the earth has on the rest of the environment. We are seeing drastic and catastrophic changes in all aspects of our environment. The side effects from the rising temperature include

glaciers melting
Glaciers Melting

In the scientific community, the correct term to use is climate change. This is because we know see first hand how devastating the side effects are. It isn’t just the temperature that changes. It’s much more than that. This article will go into what it is and what the changes cause.

What Does Climate Change Cause

Climate change causes a lot of devastating side effects. These are some of the effects climate change creates.

  • Heavy Rainstorms.
  • Frequent Flooding.
  • Frequent Draughts.
  • Increased Extreme weather – this includes hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, thunderstorms.
  • Glaciers Melting.
  • Rising Sea Levels.
  • Much more effects that will happen which we can’t anticipate yet.
Ice bergs melting, climate change causing these side effects.
Pieces of the Glaciers that fell off and are melting in the ocean.

We still can’t predict what will happen in the future. Only time will tell. More side effects will be created as climate change gets worse and worse.

What is Climate Change

The rising surface temperature on earth is producing catastrophic side effects. Furthermore, the side effects have consequences that follow them, creating a domino effect of issues stemming from the warming of the earth.

Example of Climate Change Causes

The global atmospheric temperature has risen almost 1 Celsius over the last 30 years. This may not sound like a lot, but even the slightest change can cause devasting results to ecosystems and the environment.

The rising temperature then has side effects.

The glaciers melting is due to the rising temperature. When the glaciers melt they release massive amounts of water into the oceans. This new influx of water then, in turn, increases the sea levels. The increase in sea levels creates worldwide flooding and property damage. Along with habitat and ecosystem destruction.

climate change affects and what is caused by climate change. sheep dead because of a drought

It’s been predicted that in the near future, the rising sea levels will cause major cities to be completely underwater. Some of these cities include Houston Texas, London England, Shangai China.

This will cause tens of millions of people to be without their home or shelters and will be needed to relocate. Then when these cities go under what happens to the massive amounts of infrastructure built throughout a city.

What will this mean for the environment? We can’t see the future but have to think about the consequences of these drastic environmental changes. Entire cities will be under the ocean. What kind of pollution will go into our environment and what will that cause?

City being struck by lightning. What would happen if this became submerged by rising sea levels ?

Cities have gas lines, electric grids, garbage waste, harmful chemicals, huge infrastructure and much more. We can’t foresee what this will do to the environment.

That is just one of the many side effects stemming from climate change, and we can see it’s just a domino effect of consequences that follow. The scary thing is – it’s just starting.

What is a Solution to Climate Change

The solution is to act fast and quickly be able to thoughtfully and consciously prepare for these consequences. Governments need to step up and treat climate change like the enemy it should be. People need to be aware of their carbon footprint and create a sustainable lifestyle.

The solution is AWARENESS. This is a global problem and can’t be taken on by a single person or a single country. This needs to become a global movement towards creating future earth which is sustainable.

Join EPUNITED in raising awareness for climate change. Together we can help save our species and our home planet, Earth.

Share this article with whoever you can and let them know we can change the course of this planet for the better!

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